Making the Most of your Visits with your Care Provider

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Kathleen Harris
Medical Science Liaison, ViiV Healthcare

  • Treating HIV is a team effort .....

  • Your healthcare team has the medical know-how, but only you know how you feel and what makes you comfortable

  • Persons on SSDI & SSI will now be having eligibility reviews; you need to report everything to your doctor and your doctor needs to document everything in your file

  • This presentation will help you learn more about:

  • Taking an active role in your own healthcare. Getting the most from each visit with a member of your healthcare team.


13 September 2017

Catered Dinner from Karma Asian 6pm

Presentation 6:30pm

(no rsvp required)

Our Saviors Community Room

9th & Emerson

(lower level, enter on the side from Emerson Street)

Sponsored by

TEN (Treatment Educat10n Network)


ViiV Healthcare


* Next Community Forum *  Wednesday 11 October 2017*

* Visceral Adipose Tissue and other Lipodystrophy Issues *

* watch for flyer & email *

If you are vegetarian or have any sort of food allergies or issues, and you plan to attend,

please let us know by sending an email to: (Do NOT reply to this email)

or call 303-7777-208

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