Highlights from CROI

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thumbnail of forum2017-03-15This month’s Community Educat10nal Forum is titled “Highlights from CROI – the major annual HIV Conference, with Dr. Steve Johnson, M.D. and Dr. Tom Campbell, M.D.

The 24th CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections) is February 13-16 in Seattle…and every spring for the last 24 years, our local doctors from the University of Colorado have presented the highlights of this conference to the community.  Attended by 4200 doctors, clinicians, and researchers from all over the world, this conference is considered to be the “granddaddy” of all the HIV medical conferences held each year.

HIV treatment is constantly evolving due to the large amount of research and new data from studies.  Doctors Johnson and Campbell will present material from this year’s conference, focusing on information of interest to our community.

Remember…knowledge is power!



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