Guidelines for On-line Discussions

  • You Must Be Logged In to Post a Topic or Reply. Use the simple registration link provided or you can log in with facebook, google or twitter accounts.  You do not have to confirm your email address before posting your first topic.  If you write it, you own it, it’s that simple.  We do not accept anonymous postings.
  • When you post a new topic, you do have fifteen minutes in which to undo.  Just use the undo button provided.
  • No inappropriate remarks period.  No bullying, no spam links.
  • Please respect that our people are all volunteers who may not be able to reply immediately.  If you have urgent needs you can call our office at 303-777-7208 during business hours.
  • Users who break the rules will be banned.
  • We want our Forum Channels to be useful and informative for our visitors.  Posts which do not fit this mission will be deleted by the Admin.
  • All posts must undergo moderation before going live on the site.  This will reduce the chance of spam getting into our forums.

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